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The aim of CANS is: To improve consideration and safety by all road users along the A32/A272 and surrounding villages. This will be achieved by lobbying, calling the authorities to account and engaging with local communities to support such action. In this area over the past 5 years 44% of all accidents with killed or seriously injured casualties involved a motorbike. The average for Hampshire generally in 2016 was 28%.

A Petition has been established to raise the profile in Parliament and drive change through legislation. Our request is simple, please support this valuable Petition if the illegal and excessive noise from cars and motorbikes are affecting you and/or your community so we can keep the pressure on Government. The Petition can be accessed here.................

Additionally, if you support our aims and objectives you can sign up to our Facebook page at: or e-mail your details to: [email protected] We need as many members as possible to obtain a strong mandate to speak up on your behalf